5 Techniques to Get More Likes on Instagram

In today’s modern era, there is no denying that Instagram isn’t just a regular social media platform specific for teenagers anymore. Instagram is the perfect place to share your favorite moments, and memories you cherish with your friends, family and random strangers.

If this is the first time you have opened up an account on Instagram, then posting pictures can turn out to be very depressing for you. It’s surely demotivating when you invest all your time and hard work to share interesting pictures with just a couple of likes.
Sure, anyone will get disheartened, especially when they see popular brands like Victoria’s Secret, and other pages pile up over a million of likes and followers since they know the right tips on how to use their Instagram account. In this article, you will get to learn more about impressive techniques that will instantly boost up the number of likes you get on your pictures. So let’s begin.

Technique 1- Hashtags Work Like Magic

You may not know this, but hashtags serve as brilliant ways to organize and categorize your pictures with keywords. They help users to be discoverable by other Instagram users and this is sure to get more likes. The trick here is to use as many hashtags as possible, which increases the chances of random users viewing your pictures when you share them.
For one photograph, you can add as many as 15 hashtags or more depending on you. However, make sure that you write tags that relate to the picture. For example, if you upload a picture of favorite fashion brand like valentine, write hashtags like #fashion, #valentino, #fashiontrends, #Valentinofashion. If you upload a picture of your favorite pet, for example if it’s a Persian cat you can use #persiancat, #cat, #pet, and #mycutepet.
Another trick is to use hashtags that are trending. Though this is a great way to get more likes, there is a risk that popular hashtags will make your photos to lose their placer because of incoming over traffic of photos with the same hashtags from random users. Here is a short list of some of the popular hashtags that can get more likes for you.
#instagood, #me, #tbt, #love, #cute, #instamood, #photooftheday, #picoftheday, #iphonesia, #instadaily, #summer, #igers, #instagramhib, #beautiful, #followme, #tweetgram, #iddaily, etc.

Technique 2- Add Filters to Photos

Filters not only enhance the look of pictures, but they also change their entire appearance to professional unique shots. Once you apply popular and trending filters with hashtags, surely you will notice an increase in the number of likes you receive. You can also use apps from your mobile device to edit your photos with cool filters. Some apps you can use for filters include, Pro HDR, Pixlr-o-matic, Snap-seed, and Camera+. Trending filters these days include,
Earlybird, Normal, Valencia, Rise, X-Proll, Brannan, Hefe, Lomo-fi, Amaro, Hudson, and many more.

Technique 3- Be an Active Member on Instagram

This means you have to increase your activity on Instagram to be able to get the attention of other users. Take your time to like on your friends photo, or search the discovery tag and like the pictures of random followers. This way, other users will reciprocate. The rule here is to acknowledge the photos of other users and they will respond with the same act.
If you want other, users to follow you and like your pictures, then like the pictures of people who have many people following them. It is advisable that you like as many as 15-30 of their pictures, this way most users who scroll down their pages will eventually notice your name and follow you back.

Technique 4- Share Edgy Shots

When it comes down to sharing pictures on Instagram, people think of posting anything they can, this could include their tree, their empty drink glasses, their dog, or anything at all that may or may not make sense at all to viewers. If you wish to attract more likes to your profile, then think of Instagram as your personal art workshop. The main purpose of any art gallery is to display the most captivating images; likewise, you can instantly get more likes on your Instagram photos.
Avoid sharing pictures that very similar; always share random and unique pictures. Today, pictures that catch the attention of people could be personal pictures of you and your spouse, your travel diaries with pictures of unique sights, pictures of your cute pets and more.
People are not great fans of seeing food items so much, mainly because that’s what random users continue to share. If you want to, then you can combine multiple pictures into a collage. This way, people will see more than one shot and give you more likes. In a single frame, you can share more than one picture, or put up different scenes from your previous or current vacation trip.

Technique 5- Link Your Facebook Account

Now, Instagram offers its users the choice to link their account with Facebook. Linking Facebook allows you to share your photos on Facebook as well. This way, multiple users on Facebook who view your trending hashtags can follow you back for more updates, eventually increasing your chance to attain more likes on your next pictures. The entire process of linking accounts only takes a maximum of one minute and it will expose more of your pictures to more people around the world.
You can get more likes on Instagram through multiple other ways. If you are in a hurry, you can also buy likes.