Advertise Your Business Through Instagram Contests

Marketing your online business can be a full-time job. It is a given that every successful business needs to offer a quality product or service. However, that is not enough in the highly competitive world of e-commerce. To be successful today it requires innovation and creativity. It requires “out of the box” thinking and a willingness to try something new and challenging. To be successful in an internet business you must drive traffic to your website. For many the magic question is, “How do you accomplish this task?”

There are SEO marketing tools that can be used to drive traffic. Some of these methods are more effective than others. Sometimes, you just need to be smarter than the average bear. You have to find ways to expand your brand awareness. One of the best ways to reach out to your target base is through social media. Social media websites have sprung up all over the internet and have become popular locations to socialize. One of the most popular social media websites is Instagram.

Instagram is a website that invites members to share a wide range of photos and videos. The site has been on the radar of many marketers for some time. Businesses are quickly realizing the possibilities of advertising their products or services through various contests designed to lure visitors. Let’s discuss some of the innovative contests many businesses are staging to build brand awareness.


The Like & Win Contest

For this contest, you simply post a picture of your product on Instagram and invite visitors to “double-click” and “follow” you. At the end of the contest, a random winner is drawn and notified through their email. The winner of the contest gets a free product and you create numerous followers in the process. It is perhaps the simplest contest you can use to gain “likes” and “followers.” You can do this on a weekly basis.+


The “Selfies” Contest

What is more popular right now than taking “selfies” with your phone? Everyone seems to love taking pictures of themselves in various environments and with special people. These are some of the most shared photo types on Instagram. So, how do you run a contest with these types of photos? You can require contestants to take a special picture of themselves with one of your products. The winner of the event could receive a free product or something used to advertise the brand. You could run contests with best “selfies” from weddings, sporting events or holiday events. The possibilities are endless.


The Voting Contest

You could run a photo contest requesting the best travel or vacation photos. The key here is to add a voting feature that invites the public to vote on their favorite pictures. The winner could win a product from your business or some accessory associated with traveling. Your mind is probably churning about now as innovative possibilities are instantly popping into your head. This is one of the most popular methods of getting the public involved in the event.


The In-Store “Selfie”

This is a good one. We mentioned earlier that you could ask contestants to take photos with one of your products. The catch to this contest is they must do it in one of your offline stores. Of course, this only works if you have an offline store, but it is a great method for getting the contestant into your realm where they can become potential shoppers.
Tips for Success

It is best to prepare a strategy prior to starting your choice of contests on Instagram. You need to make sure you have a sound understanding of how to use hashtags because it is an essential part of how the website operates. It would be best to use brand specific hashtags that list your business name. Remember, it is all about building brand awareness. Be sure to communicate with the contestants when they make comments. It is also important to @mention them with photos of the product you’re pushing.

You must be creative and innovative with the product photos you place on Instagram. Thousands of photos are being posted on a regular basis. Remember also that you can advertise these contests on other social media sites as well. Think of your customer base and determine what you would want to see in these contests. This is the best way to advertise your business through Instagram.