Generate More Likes on Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media website for sharing a wide range of photos and videos with other members. The main goal of the website is to get others to “like” your post and then hopefully to “follow” you as well. Many people become members to make some friends and have a good time. There is nothing wrong with that. Others become members because they want to market their business. These 2 members might view the importance of “likes” and “followers” differently. One may simply want to know others like their posts, but the member marketing their business is going to be concerned about recruiting possible customers.

Although our advice will be directed at the business marketer to a certain extent, the advice given could just as easily pertain to anyone wanting to generate more likes. What does it take to get another member to click on the “like” button? We will answer that question in this article. Does a “like” automatically indicate a “following?” We will answer that question as well. Encouraging others to check out your post and then take action is not easy. It takes hard work, determination, and commitment. You must be willing to pursue innovative strategies that allow you to engage with your target audience and somehow spark a bond.

As with any social media marketing campaign, it takes consistency and genuine dedication to go the extra mile to generate more likes that lead to followers. Keep in mind that the advice we are about to pass on to you is only as effective as its application. Nothing you will do in this process is more important than instigating engagement. It is time to find out how to generate more likes on Instagram:

The Wednesday Post – Posting photos is all about timing. You want to post quality pictures that will appeal to your niche and you want to figure out when it the best time to add them. Wednesday, also known as “hump day” in some circles, is believed to offer more opportunities for engagement. Sundays are a good day to post too because typically members post less on that day. It is all about visibility so know what times are best for you.

Capturing Comments – It is important to make the best use out of your photo captions. Research has suggested that asking for comments actually does get more people to comment than captions that fail to ask. It would be a shame to lose comments or likes and even followings because you failed to ask for them.

Face the Truth – The truth is you should try to include real faces in your photos. If you are posting pictures of a product it could be with a happy customer holding it. Photos that follow this rule of thumb are 35% more likely to gain “likes” than those who fail to do so.

Go Hashtags Happy – We cannot place enough emphasis on how important it is to use hashtags. Since your goal is to generate likes a good one to use would be #l4l (like for like). They like you and you like them back. It could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

Go Filterless – You may know that Instagram provides a wide range of filters that can be used to enhance the photos you post. As appealing as this might seem, research has indicated that photos without filters actually invite more engagement.

Be Bio Focused – When you create an Instagram account you have a bio to fill out. Do not let this slide. It is vital that you fill it out completely and with careful consideration. This is your first chance to impress other members and let them know what you or your business is all about. Make your bio engaging and you will increase your chances of being liked.

Spread the Word – You want to share your account on other popular social media websites as quickly as possible. Remember, the goal is to get people to like you. The more people you reach the better the odds are you are going to get “likes,” so start spreading the word.

Quality over Quantity – Although it is imperative to regularly engage your target audience with photos; quality is just as important. With so many photos being uploaded on the website every minute it is vital that you post pictures that will stand out in the crowd.

Tools Rules – There are a variety of tools on Instagram that will help you generate more likes. PicFrame, for example, allows you to group photos together. Iconosquare will assist you in keeping tabs on your account. Crowdfire will keep you up to date on how your followers are affected by your posts. Piqora will let you know which posts are causing people to engage and click. Latergramme is a tool you where you can schedule posts to be posted at certain intervals when you cannot be there to do it.

Follow and You Will Find – Follow as many people as you can in your target audience and chances are they will follow you back. Once they have followed you there is a much better chance they are going to click the “like” button when they see your photos. The key here is that you must do the same thing for them to establish that special bond.

2am – 5am – Strangely enough research shows that the most viable time to post is between 2am-5am. It is not for us to argue with success. This comes down to doing what you must do to get where you want to be.

Calling all Contests – Okay, the saying is “calling all cars” but contests on Instagram are a great way to generate likes, followers, and enhance your visibility overall. There are numerous contest options to consider. For example, you could have people submit selfies with your products to win a prize. In order to participate, they must like and follow you. Pick a winner at the end of the contest and set back and count your likes.

The advice we have offered here is legit. It will only be as effective if you commit to its success. Try to think outside the box. Take an innovative approach to encouraging engagement with your target audience. Now you have a better idea of how to generate more likes on Instagram.