How to Become Instafamous

The most recent reports suggest that the number of active users on the online mobile social networking, photo-sharing, and video-sharing service Instagram, has crossed 500 million.

Instagram urges people to follow accounts and like photos for allowing its users to gain popularity in the Instagram community. Users gaining maximum popularity on the platform are categorized as “Most Popular”; what’s more, these “most popular” individuals get featured on the official website of the social media service. Do you want to become Instafamous and see yourself feature on Instagram’s official website? If yes, the tips below might help you.


How to get the account ready?

Your first job is picking a name for your account. Make sure the name is catchy and can be recognized easily. Your page should have a theme; this will allow people to be aware of the kinds of images they should expect to see on your page. The name you pick to complement that theme aptly. If you are not confident about your vocabulary, you should use a name-generator for finding a perfect Instagram name. Don’t shy away from using symbols and underscores; they often turn out to be extremely helpful in making Instagram names look more captivating. The only thing you need to keep in mind when using symbols is that an Instagram name shouldn’t have more than two symbols; this will ensure that people reach your account even when searching for you by name.

Next, you should upload a perfect profile photo. Ideally, you should use an artful image of yourself for this purpose; if you do so, people would start relating your face to your account. Remember, you are setting up the account for becoming famous; so, sharing your own photo wouldn’t be a bad idea.

We have already mentioned that for gaining popularity, you should pick a theme for your Instagram page. The theme can be of a hobby you love, a profession you are attached to, or anything else you are knowledgeable about.

Are you wondering whether picking a theme can restrict the reach of your page? No, it will not. For instance, if you create a page dedicated to baseball and publish images related to baseball, you will not only get baseball fans as your followers, but sports fans irrespective of the sports they follow would show interest in your page. What’s more, many of them would also start following you page almost instantly. Below are some options you can consider when choosing a theme for your Instagram page.

If you are a foodie, your focus should primarily be on food related photos. These may include photos of restaurants, items you ordered during a visit to a restaurant, items made at home, interesting ingredients you purchased from the store, etc.

Fashion junkies can create a page that would primarily focus on trends, styles, and colors.

If you are a fan of a particular book or game series, you can create an Instagram page featuring images of different characters from those series. Uploading images of leaks pertaining to upcoming launches is also a great way of attracting followers.

This tip is for everyone who idolizes a celebrity. Create an Instagram profile that will only be about the person you are into. To make the page popular, find other people who are also your idol’s fans. This will allow you to turn your page into a famous fan club.

Are you into role playing? Instagram is the best possible platform a role player can get. Upload role playing videos of your favorite characters. You can also join a few other similar communities.


Tips for taking photos

To upload great photos, you must get acquainted with all the features of the Instagram app. Capture as many photos as you can, edit them, and use filters to get amazing end results. If you want to see yourself become a popular Instagramer, you will have to learn manipulating your photos creatively.

It would be wise if you use a photo editor app; editing the photos before applying filters would offer you more attractive end results. If you are an iPhone user, download an app like Colorsplash or Snapseed. Android users, on the other hand, would find applications like PicsPlay Pro and PicSay Pro extremely handy. Don’t forget to label your images as edited images. Being honest about the changes made by you and your skills will lower the possibilities of making fans angry.

The next step after editing is definitely applying filters. The section below will educate you about the most popular Instagram filters-

Hudson- It’s the most comprehensive filter option available when it comes to photos of city streets. Hudson works best when applied on monuments and limestone buildings. The filter would give your images a slight tint, which will cool them off. The end results you will get with have a dodged center.

Sierra- If you are going for an African safari, you must gather enough knowledge about Sierra. This Instagram filter would help you in fading the background and making the slightly overpowering African landscape look significantly softer. As a result, you will be able to highlight the subject of your photos more easily. If Sierra is applied on a landscape, it helps in making the shots look soothing and clam by providing them a softer, faded appearance.

Juno- Use this filter if you want the cool tints to turn green in order to allow the warmer tones to pop. Another amazing feature of this filter is that it adds a vibrant glow to the white parts of the photos; this makes it a great filter for portraits.

Sutro- Do you want an image to have a smoky appearance? If yes, try Sutro. This Instagram filter will particularly emphasize the brown and purple highlights for achieving its effects. The most talked about feature of Sutro, however, is its ability to burn the edges of images it is applied on. Sutro works best on rainforest shots; the filter helps in making those already dramatic shots even more spectacular.

Lark- the primary function of Lark is de-saturating the reds, while punching the blues up. When it comes to the greens, this filter works as an enhancer and makes landscapes look livelier. Lark is surely one of the best options you will have when working on a landscape; it will assist you in turning typical landscapes into more intense and striking images.

Toaster- Most of us, irrespective of the level of photography skills we possess or the standard of camera we are using, have clicked pictures of sunsets. So, if you upload a regular sunset shot on Instagram, it will not get much attention regardless of its quality. Toaster is an Instagram filter that will allow your sunset shot to stand out in the crowd. It would burn your image’s center out and age it a bit; as a result, a newly clicked sunset shot would appear like a click of yesteryears. Other than sunsets, the filter also works great or beach shots and warm shots.

Brannan- Another way of making shots appear slightly more dramatic is by a metallic tint to it. This can be done perfectly using the filter called Brannan. It would add a metallic grey tint to your photo. This filter works best on photos with strong shadows.

Reyes- Reyes would assist you in giving your images a vintage look. You might be a great photographer, but still at time, you will find yourself committing mistakes when clicking pictures. Applying Reyes is the easiest and the most productive way of hiding imperfections. It would make your photos a bit dusty and old; as a result, none of your viewers would be able to complain about imperfections.

Hefe- The majority of the popular Instagramers use Hefe for making peaks, valleys, and hills look more prominent and eye-catching. You can actually use it whenever you need to intensify color and up the contrast.

Skyline- This filter is known for brightening photos, which make it the perfect option for filtering food items like a luscious bed of meat and greens garnished with goat cheese; a loaf of beefsteak, candied walnuts, and so on. Recently obtained statistics suggest that food images filtered using Skyline get as many as 91 likes on average. If you don’t like to apply skyline on all food photos uploaded by you, it would be good if you keep them Normal.

Right now, the type of photo that gets uploaded most frequently on Instagram is surely selfie. So, you must be wondering why we didn’t talk about any filter than works great on selfies. We have avoided talking about selfie filters as we feel that selfies look best when kept Normal. According to number put up recently, each unfiltered selfie gets 78 likes on average. The primary reason behind this popularity of unfiltered selfies is probably the message of authenticity this choice of the user conveys. To communicate realness even more boldly, you can upload the image along with a #nofilter tag.

We all know that practice is the only way of becoming perfect and perfection is an extremely important factor for gaining popularity on Instagram. This makes it mandatory for people looking to get Instafamous to practice taking photos. There’s no need of posting them all; use this habit as a tool of becoming a better-equipped Instagramer. Just clicking images, editing them, and filtering them will help you to hone your skills.

While it’s not mandatory that you post fresh images every day (it’s actually a good idea to make your followers wait for your next post), to gain fame on Instagram, you cannot afford to leave your account idle. You should upload images a minimum of 4 to 5 times each week. Remember, you can get or buy Instagram Likes and make your account more popular only if you have several fresh images uploaded on your page at regular intervals.

Adding captions to the images is an absolute must if you want to have a large follower base. You can add sincere or humorous captions depending on the context of an image. Make sure your captions are both informative and playful.


Developing community

Link the account to other social networking platforms like Facebook. Most of us have a bunch of friends on Facebook who will like our Instagram account the moment it’s connected to Facebook. This is a great way of beginning the Instagram journey.

The next method you can adopt for getting more followers is following other pages on Instagram. Don’t forget to enter your Instagram profile at least once every day, post comments and like photos (do this even when you have nothing to upload). Remember, you’ll not be able to gain popularity on this platform without trading likes with other users. Make sure you respond to every single comment (avoid responding to abusive comments) made by other users on images uploaded by you. Begin the comments with names of users you are responding to; this will allow those individuals to relate to you more easily. Never shy away from congratulating users when they announce a success or reach a milestone on Instagram; remember this platform is not a site of competition, it’s a community.

Another great way of engaging with the community of this photo and video sharing app is by joining contests. Taking part in contests will also allow you to promote images uploaded by you. If you still don’t get desired response, buy Instagram Likes from a reputable firm.


Use hashtags

It’s impossible to become famous on Instagram without using hashtags. Find out what’s trending and place those hashtags on the photos you upload. Ideally, the hashtags you use must be relevant to the image you are posting. So, try to upload images that complement the trending hashtags; this will allow your photos to be viewed by more people and get more comments.

If you find that not a single trending hashtag is relevant to the photo you are planning to post, opt for safe options such as #likeitup, #picoftheday, #instagood, etc. These hashtags enjoy a steady popularity and thus would ensure a certain level of success of your photos.


You can buy likes

If the process of getting significant number of likes is taking a lot of time and you want quick results, you can also buy Instagram Likes from a reliable company.


Now, you know what needs to be done for becoming Instafamous. Try out these methods and you will soon see your account becoming popular. To track the progress, you can use tools like Statigram. Statigram will allow you to see charts showing improvements experienced by your profile over time.