How to Get More Instagram Followers

Instagram is a social media network where people post pictures to update their followers on things or just share the things that are important to them. Instagram needs to be part of any social media strategy and it’s also just a fun thing to have on a personal level. It’s a way to connect to people and become more recognisable. Of course an Instagram user is nothing without followers. There’s no point in talking if no one is listening after all. In order to fully utilise Instagram and get the most out of it you need to increase your followers.

Some people have real trouble building up their Instagram follower base though. There is some confusion about what they can do to build up their followers. There are far too many companies that try and fail to build up their followers and can’t use them as a result. Or far too many people trying and failing to gain the followers they need to truly enjoy Instagram. As a result a lot of people give up on it when they really shouldn’t. It’s something you need to stick with to get the most out of. Remember that good things come to people who are patient and put in effort.

Also remember that there are well over 150 million users on Instagram across the world. You can’t deny the amount of reach this platform has. There are a number of ways you can bolster your follower count. These are some of the best methods for how to get more Instagram followers.



Use Proper Tagging Hashtag Instagram

You need to be using hashtags on Instagram like you do on Twitter. When you first get started on Instagram you might not know how to tag photos properly but it’s definitely important if you’re interested in bolstering your follower count. When you don’t tag a photo then no one will see it except for the people already following you. Without a hashtag a picture isn’t searchable so no one will ever see it. If you tag a photo of stiletto shoes with the tag “#Stiletto” then anyone searching Instagram for that tag will find your picture. If they find your photo and like it they may follow you after looking at the rest of your profile.



Participate in Trends

As well as posting hashtags you need to look at the currently trending hashtags and get involved with photos that fit the hashtag. If people are posting using a simple Picture of The Day tag then you can get your phot in there too. When you get actively involved with a Picture of the Day tag you’ll find that people who enjoy seeing “Pictures of the Day” will follow you and like your photos.



Stick to a Schedule

As with any social media network you need to be posting on a regular basis in order to increase your Instagram fanbase. It’s a good idea to stick to a regular posting routine so that your followers will know when to expect an update from you. If you become inactive then your followers may unfollow you.



Integrate Social Networks

You can have more success on Instagram by connecting it to the rest of your social media networks. When you connect Facebook and Twitter to your Instagram account it shares any photo you post on Instagram to those accounts. This increases your exposure and means you are more likely to get followers on other social media networks. You should try and find followers with similar interests. When you integrate social networks you can also reach people that don’t have an Instagram account. You may even convince them to join up just so they can follow you!



Only Share Relevant Content

People are only interested in information that is relevant to you, your service, and your business. If it doesn’t add value then don’t share it or you’ll turn people off.



Always Stay Consistent

The best way to increase your followers is to always be consistent. There’s no point in sharing photos for a week, deciding that it’s not working, and then giving up. Your photos should also share a similar theme. They need to contribute to one single story; the story of your service, product, or business.



Of course these methods may increase your Instagram likes and followers but they do take a long time to be effective. If you’re in a hurry to increase the amount of Instagram likes and followers you have then you can just buy them.

More people than ever are taking to the internet to find new products and follow the companies behind the ones they already enjoy. Most business transactions take place online. So you need to have an active online presence in order to really take advantage of this. This is why social media networks like Instagram need to be a part of any marketing strategy. You need followers to make it effective though and buying them is the easiest and fastest way to get them.

One thing to keep in mind though is that you shouldn’t buy too much. People are well aware of when Instagram followers are paid for and it can have a negative impact. People place a real value on honesty. While you can (and should) buy followers on Instagram don’t neglect to get natural followers too and foster a genuine community around your product. Just how there’s no point in talking when no one is listening; there isn’t much of a point in talking when the only people listening are people you’ve paid to be there.

Some of the Instagram likes and followers you pay for may still be interested in your product or service though. You may find yourself getting lucky and discovering that of the 1000 people you paid, some of them are genuinely interested in following you. This is undoubtedly the best of both worlds and it can happen. Basically you should pay for some followers to get started, but still implement strategies to build and maintain an Instagram following naturally over time.