Strategies to Increase Followers on Instagram

Creating followers on Instagram is not something that happens overnight. It can take some time to increase them into something substantial. If you are new to the website it can get downright discouraging when likes and followers are hard to come by. You know that there are many benefits to using social media for your marketing needs, but you cannot figure out how to get the ball rolling in the right direction. You are willing to work hard to get the likes you need, but you need a helping hand to get started.

In this article, we are going to provide you with many ways to increase followers on Instagram. If you can get them to like your post; there is a good chance they might follow you as well. Some people become members on this popular social media website to post photos and videos for fun. They are out to get as many followers as possible for prestige or to know their posts were appreciated. However, if you have joined the website to market your business that is an entirely different matter altogether. You must have a strategy that allows you to build likes and followers that could be potential customers in the future.

The most important strategy for every social media website is engagement. This could not be truer on Instagram. We can give you some great ideas, but there is nothing any more vital than the consistent posting great photos that catch attention. Engagement should always be your number one priority. Here are some strategies to consider:

Be Loyal to Hashtags – The bottom line is that hashtags can boost followers. You can use #FF for “Follow Friday.” Another favorite is #l4l which stands for “like for like.” Of course, there is always the golden oldie, #followback. Hashtags catch attention and build on engagement when you use them wisely.

Like your Target Audience – You need to determine who your target audience is and like as many photos as you can. There is a good chance you could see a good return investment for your effort.

Contests – You can gain plenty of exposure by holding some type of contest on Instagram. Post some interesting photos of your product and request that people follow you to enter. At the end of the contest pick a winner and award them with a free product.

Social Media Promotion – There are a lot of popular social media websites out there so take advantage of them. You can promote what you are doing on Instagram on other sites and let potential followers know why they should follow you and what you will do for them. Tell them they can receive some great coupons or the first chance to view new products before they come out.

Go Liking – If you want to get liked and followed you have to go out and do some liking and following. This is one of the most effective strategies for gaining followers.

Time your Posts – Studies have shown that timing is everything when it comes to posting your photos. Believe it or not, the best results occur between 2am and 5am. So set that alarm clock or stay up late and post your photos when they will be the most efficient.

Shoot for Quality – Do not simply post any photo of any product. Have a strategy that ensures you post high-quality photos that are geared towards instigating engagement. There are too many photos on Instagram to post anything less than the best.

The Right Filter – Instagram offers a variety of filters that are designed to make your photos stand out. It is up to you to choose the right one to encourage engagement. Research has indicated that the Mayfair filter is the most efficient for encouraging followers.

A Complete Bio – Your bio on Instagram is a direct reflection of you and your business. It is imperative that you include hashtags that are relevant to your niche. In addition, it is essential that you place carefully chosen keywords in your content too. Add links as well and you will increase your chances of increasing followers.

Caption Space – Don’t waste your caption space. Use this space to ask a question or make a comment that will encourage engagement.

The Sunday Post – Which day of the week receives the least amount of posts? The answer is Sunday and that is the best time to enhance visibility by posting your photos. It is moves like these that let you get your foot in the door first.

Consistency – Consistency is very important in business or in life in general. Always keep your target audience in mind when posting photos. Plan these posts carefully and with a designed purpose. People love the consistency and it will increase your odds of growing followers.

Post Often and Make Suggestions – Research tells us that the more you post the better. There is no such thing as posting too much. It is not like using too many keywords in content. You want to get quality photos in from of your prospective audience to create engagement. While posting suggest things that make people want to comment.

Utilize Piqora – Piqora is a tool that provides valuable information you can use to increase followers. It will let you know what types of photos in your niche create the most engagement. With this information you will know where to place your focus.

Try Latergramme and PicFrame – Latergramme is a tool that can be used to schedule your posts when you don’t have time to do it yourself. Remember, consistency is the key and you want to be able to post on a regular basis. PicFrame allows you to combine a group of photos together. This can add a big boost to engagement.

These are just some of the tips and strategies that can be used to increase followers on Instagram. The most important thing you can do is engage the audience every chance you get. Communicate and bond with your target audience. Choose the right strategies for you and commit to their success.