Turning Instagram Into the PR Hub for Your Company

It’s never easy to create a great PR hub for a company. Public relations are really the face of your company. Your PR hub is the first thing that potential customers will see when looking you or your brand up. It may even be their first exposure to your business in general. Your PR may very well represent your entire company. There are a number of ways to improve your PR but one of the best and most innovative is to take to Instagram. By learning a few things and dedicating a little time you can take Instagram and turn it in to a great PR hub for your company. Here’s some information to get you started.


Use it to Present Your Staff

A company is so much more than you think it is. It’s not the name, it’s not your product, and it’s definitely not the logo. The company is the people involved. It is you and your staff. Take this knowledge and use it. You can get started turning Instagram into a PR hub by using it to really showcase your staff. You can consider a nice group photo of the staff, but just separate photos of each team is a good idea. Showcasing your employees like this also makes them feel appreciated and boosts their morale. Also your Instagram followers should be introduced to new people as they come aboard.


Use it Present Your Products

Now that you know how to present your staff it’s time to learn how to present your products or services. It’s not that hard at all and is a very effective marketing method. Remember that a picture truly is worth a thousand words. Showing your products in the right way can make or break a deal. Even though showing your product is the main key don’t forget to give it a great caption. Tell people what the picture is using the caption. You can also use it to make the picture more appealing or just make a witty remark that you know will amuse people. You should also keep in mind that things like product placement are a lot more complicated than they appear. You may want to just bring in a professional to handle that kind of thing for you.


Get Involved On Instagram

You also need to ensure that people see your Instagram as more than just blatant self-promotion. Nothing turns people off more. You can do this by getting involved with a cause on Instagram. There are plenty of issues that come up and you can show how much you care about them using Instagram. This improves your relationship with your customers who see you as more than a faceless and careless entity. The easiest way to do something like this is to use your Instagram to highlight things like climate change and the plight of endangered species. It’s a simple thing to find the right photo to showcase your cause and post it, but it does wonders for your PR and keeps your company relevant.


Share Important Moments

Finally you can use your Instagram to share those really important moments for the company. Use your Instagram to spread the word about awards that the company receives or provide feedback on the different events your company or employees have been involved with. You need to make them look spontaneous though, so avoid pictures that are obviously formal and professional. Post pictures of the award in your office and showcase people having fun at the events rather than posing for obvious photo ops. It’s a great way to boost your PR even more.

Remember that Instagram is a tool just like any other form of social media. The way that you use it is what matters. So if you wanted to make Instagram the central hub of PR for your company you’re well within your power to do this. You should still keep in mind that succeeding is dependent only on you. You need to approach it properly and be creative about it to succeed. You should also remember that success is a result of effort. You need to commit to this. But if you do you’ll be amazed at the results.