10 Best Instagram Filters to Boost Likes

Instagram is a social media website that allows the mutual sharing of videos and photos. The user can choose from a wide range of Instagram filters that are designed to enhance the posted image. Anytime you post something online there is a specific purpose in mind; you want to boost likes. You want users to see what you have posted and show their appreciation by liking it. Boosting your posts is important in social bonding, but also in marketing, depending on your intention. Choosing the right filter can make all the difference in how many likes will be received.

Every photo has a different story to tell. When you decorate a home or business you thoroughly plan the process to demonstrate a particular personality or set a certain mood. The use of Instagram filters allows the poster to create the particular look they want to pass on to their visitors. Some options will soften or intensify the image. Another choice might saturate it or display a faded look. Certain filters work better with specific types of pictures. Listed below is our choice for the best 10 filters to boost likes:


1. Clarendon displays diversity – If you want to intensify the colors in your photo, subtly brighten the image or deepen the existing shadows; Clarendon is the right filter for you. This filter has a huge following because of the diversity it offers. It eliminates that garnished look and makes your photo come alive. This is without a doubt the most popular option being utilized at this time. However, this does not mean there are not other possibilities that will not benefit you just as well.
2. Food photos love Skyline – People love to post their favorite food photos. Some post these images to display their latest culinary masterpiece with the hope of highlighting a particular recipe or directing attention to a specific eatery. In either case, the Skyline filter brightens food images and brings them to life with vibrant clarity.
3. Normal is best for selfies – It is hard to imagine a world where selfies were not the norm. The advent of smartphone technology changed the way photos were taken. Although cameras are still widely in use; the smartphone is very convenient to use. These phones have found a significant place in our culture with no end in sight. Selfies allow the poster to post pictures of themselves with friends, family, pets or celebrities in real time. The Normal option means no filter is being used. The visitor views the photo as it was taken, which provides a true sense of authenticity. This is a unique commodity in these types of images.
4. Valencia boosts nature images – The number one choice for nature images is the Valencia filter. Pictures of the great outdoors should jump out at the visitor with astounding clarity and crispness. It should make the visitor feel like they are standing face to face with majestic mountain peaks or beneath a picturesque raging waterfall. The image should be so vivid that one should feel as though they are not looking at a photo, but experiencing it in real time. By far the most widely used filter for nature images, Valencia should be highly sought after by lovers of the great outdoors who seek an antique feel.
5. Kelvin best for fashion lovers – Kelvin is not typically found on the list of most advantageous Instagram filters, but it does rank very high with fashion lovers. Posters that use it get more likes than any other filter. Kelvin offers the richness of color and seems to bring out the best in fashion images. The visitor can view the image as if they were standing by the clothing rack in person.
6. Mayfair is a rising star – Mayfair has been extremely popular with Fortune 500 companies. It offers a warm, pink tone that feeds to the better instincts of viewers. This filter is growing in popularity for a reason.
7. X-Pro II is slightly self-centered – X-Pro II is a fantastic choice where the subject is centered in the image. If offers slightly darkened edges, improves contrast and provides a nice color pop.
8. Juno offers urban authenticity – Juno is another good option if you want to boost likes. This app is known for intensifying colors with a subtle warm tone. It is very popular for bringing authenticity to images of urban areas.
9. Rise is a wise choice – Rise is a wise choice because it fades out blemishes and imperfections. Not only does it soften the image, but creates a natural look that draws in the visitor and leads to more likes. Rise is another rising star in the world of Instagram filters.
10. Lark is vintage – Lark is popular for adding a vintage look to a wide range of images. Different than say Gingham or Slumber; Lark is a breath of fresh air in the hunt for more likes and followers.


In many ways, the best Instagram filters to boost likes is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone views images in a different way and wind up a varied perception than someone else. However, we know that viewers are drawn to crisp images that are vibrant in color. There is a universal desire to witness photos that are authentic and appear to display a sense of real-time reality. The simplest feature in the photo can encourage a visitor to click the like button. Viewers appreciate the ordinary image that has been somehow transformed into a vibrant work of art.

There are literally dozens of Instagram filters to choose from and each one offers something different to the image. As with any post, it is the duty of the Instagram poster to “wow” the viewer by displaying images that rise above the limitless supply of posting enthusiasts. Choosing the right filter for your particular photo takes careful consideration. The 10 filters mentioned in this article offer popular benefits that can definitely boost likes.